Why Hollywood “forgot” Tobey Maguire and what happened to his career?

Tobey Maguire was part of Hollywood movie industry since the 2000s and was considered one of the best paid actors of our time. However, a few years ago, his career collapsed and Tobey moved on, away from the film industry. What happened to our Spider-Man?

Bigbuzzpanda could not let this pass by so we decided to lead the investigation  and trace why the career of this talented actor collapsed.

Beginning of his career, 1992

Tobias Vincent Maguire appeared for the first time on the screen at age 13. He played a small role in an American telenovela about doctors. To tell the truth, he had not planned on becoming an actor, but wanted to be a chef, like his father. Tobey’s mother dreamed of acting in the movies, but she did not succeed. However, the woman managed to inspire her son: she offered him 100 USD to enroll in acting classes.

Soon, Tobey realized that recording commercials and series brought good money. The future Spiderman left school at age 13 and began earning a living by acting. Later, Maguire participated in a feature film together with Robert De Niro and, the then unknown Leonardo DiCaprio.

Working with Leonardo on the set earned them a great friendship Tobey and Leo continue their friendship to this day: the paparazzi occasionally photograph them on vacation together.

First success, 1998

Luck + talent + more the appearance of a good guy = an explosive combo. Here, Tobey Maguire was already acting in full-length with the coolest directors in Hollywood. A serious role in Pleasantville along with Reese Witherspoon and The Cider House Rules  with Charlize Theron showed everyone that Tobey was not just a commercial ad boy, but an actor in every sense of the word.

For a scene in the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas (1998),, Tobey bleached his eyebrows and shaved his hair so that the blonde wig sat perfectly on his head. However, Tobey sai it himself, that the duo with Johnny Depp and Benicio del Toro made it worthwhile. In addition, Maguire gained a reputation as a universal actor and his subsequent performances proved just as well.

The most important role of his career, 2002

All the United States grew up with the stories of Spider Man. Tobey perfectly matched the role of Peter Parker: intelligent appearance, medium height (173 cm) and an undeniable talent as an actor.

Through his role as Spider Man, Tobey Maguire entered “List A” : a list of Hollywood actors extremely well paid. From the first week after its release to the cinema, the film brought its creators 110 million dollars. The deafening success of the first part of Spider-Man gave Tobey a contract for two sequels. And since then, Spider-Man 2 is considered one of the best superhero films of all time.

The beginning of his problems, 2007

During the filming of the third film of the franchise, Maguire decided to ask for an extremely high salary. The actor often complained of a pain in his back and demanded that the doctors be present on the film set. It reached such a point that the doctor calculated how many steps Tobey could take in each shot so that it would not cause harm to his health. Filming was threatened and the studio thought of replacing Maguire with the humblest Jake Gyllenhaal.

Viewers hated the director Sam Raimi for the third franchise The Spider – Man (2007). However the  director acknowledged that during the filming he completely lost bearing in the Spider-verse, and had run out of interesting ideas.. Of course, this affected our hero’s career, after a while, the franchise rebooted, but now without Tobey Maguire. Fans considered that it was precisely at this time that Tobey’s career started to go downhill

The actor’s addiction to gambling added fuel to the fire. The actor was an active member of the clandestine poker casinos for elite players. There were many people who wanted to play with the world star: bankers and magnates lost hundreds of thousands dollars to Tobey. The players met in the strictest secrecy in luxurious hotels. However, later on, Maguire had to give up part of his winnings in order to settle a lawsuit. All of this did nothing to improve the actor’s public image.

Attempts to save his career, 2009-2014

During that time, Maguire decided to leave the position of superhero. It was not easy, as the web continued to maintain the actor. After the trilogy of Spider-Man, you can count Tobey’s decent movies with the fingers of one hand.

In the movie Brothers , Maguire starred alongside his former movie industry rival, Jake Gyllenhaal. The movie brought Tobey the Saturn Award and the Golden Globe nomination. Then there was a background role in the hit The Great Gatsby , some series and cartoons. Not everything was so bad, but the actor’s career did not take off again.

What was the real cause of the incredible actor’s failure?

Tobey Maguire has a light voice, a very (too) young face, and a youthful and innocent look. All this worked well when the actor was between twenty and thirty years old. Now he has 43, but his appearance and genre have not changed. In reality, he has no role that sticks to his skin: he is not a gentleman, nor a brute soldier, nor a comedian.

Does he have a chance to return to the big screen?

Probably, participation in a series could save Maguire’s career, but it seems that he is not interested in this. Tobey appeared in the television program The Spoils of Babylon , but the viewers considered the scenario rather ridiculous.. After this, Tobey did not dare to perform such experiments.

He also founded his production company and dedicated himself to filming films. Films released under the brand Material Pictures, such as Rock of AgesPawn Sacrifice and The 5th Wave failed in the box office, despite the good reviews by viewers.

The beginning of the 2000s is already in the past. Tobey did a lot for Hollywood and it’s probably time to live for himself. Of course, viewers regret losing such a brilliant actor with a lot of character. That’s why we hope that Tobey will return with new super successful roles.

And you, do you like Tobey Maguire? What role did you like the most? Besides Peter Parker, of course.