Love has 5 stages and only the strongest couples pass stage 3

You’ve probably heard the phrase “prevention is better than cure,” and sentimental relationships are no exception. Experts believe that all relationships go through particular stages and one of them is a rather critical reality. In this article, we will analyze these steps and what you really need to be prepared.

At Bigbuzzpanda , we found it very interesting that all couples go through the same set of stages and we can not wait to give you more details.

Stage 1: new love

You just met someone special and everything is in the honeymoon phase . You feel butterflies every time you see your new love, every touch is electric and every kiss is infinite. You look at your phone every now and then to see if you have a message from him or her. Deep down you know that you look a little ridiculous, but who cares. Well, you are clearly in love.

Try to grasp very feeling at that moment, you may need it later to refresh your memory and possibly save your relationship when it gets to a certain stage.

Step 2: Settling

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You feel that everything is serious and you are ready to commit yourself. Normally, at this stage, two people move to live together, so let’s call them a “couple”. Well, that’s when you realize that real life is not always rosy. You still try to spend as much time as possible together, you want to share all your thoughts and feelings, you always ask your love how your day has been and you are sincerely interested in their response.

However, the same routine begins to contaminate the joy . It’s like finding the difference between traveling and immigrating, the destination is the same, but the circumstances are absolutely different.

Do not lose that brightness between the 2 of you. Dedicate a little of your time to your couple, go for a long relaxing stroll or watch a movie. Maintaining this link is very special and very delicate, it takes time and effort.

Stage 3: routine and disappointment have a place now

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You still have strong feelings for your other half, but something seems to be different. You do not feel so excited to spend every minute together like you used to feel before. Daily responsibilities, bills, work commitments and domestic chores get in the way of romance, and often you feel stuck in this whole routine and start wondering if you have made the right decision. This is the most dangerous part of the relationship and if you manage to cross it, there is a good chance that the most difficult part is over

Work to keep the spark , your partner is still the same person you fell in love with. Try to always remember the feelings you had since the days when you just met her. And remember that life is not just about your children, but you also deserve some time for yourself.

Stage 4: stability

In this stage, you feel very safe in your relationship , you look like who you really are. You may not feel that you are floating in the clouds as you did in stage 1, but the third stage of confusion is over.

You’ve also learned to give yourself space, you understand that the couple can have their own tastes and preferences, their passions and their habits, but that each member does not have to look in every way to the other. . You assume what you are and you manage still to maintain your bond.

Stage 5: commitment

If you make it to this stage, congratulations, they have become a true team for life . You no longer miss the first romantic stage because you feel very comfortable with your relationship and you can not even imagine it being different. You have also accepted that we are all perfect in our own imperfections.

Teach your children how you have managed to preserve your feelings throughout your life: you have of course experienced more difficult stages, but you have overcome them and true love will always come out victorious.

At what stage do you think your relationship is? Do you have your own tips for taking the most critical stage? We would love to know what you think about this.