Between Conte And Sarri who was the better coach for Chelsea fc


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Post on Antonio Conte:

After seeing an incredible amount of revisionist hysteria about Antonio Conte, I felt compelled to write a thread which deals with the facts on Antonio Conte’s time at Chelsea

. There seems to be this myth on Twitter that Conte was an amazing manager who was not backed by the board. Any time you criticise Conte, you are reminded of the fact that he took Chelsea from 10th to 1st in his first season hence he did a far better job than Sarri.Nothing could be further from the truth.

What Conte fans seem to forget is that the season before Chelsea finished 10th, Chelsea had finished 1st under Mourinho with practically the same team except the likes of Kante, Luiz and Alonso who played key roles in the 16/17 title win. Conte had a world class goalkeeper, a fairly strong defence, a midfield which he reinforced with Kante, the best player arguably in Premier League history in Hazard and Costa who was pivotal during the first half of the 14/15 title win as well as the 16/17 title win. Conte’s squad was built to his vision of football by Mourinho who also plays counter attacking/defensive football with excellent players in multiple positions. Furthermore, Chelsea did not have European football in the 16/17 season which allowed Conte to use practically the same
XI week in week out. An early elimination in the Carabao Cup ensured that Chelsea merely had to focus on 2 competitions all season.

To add to that, Manchester City were in transition with Guardiola who had an aging squad incapable of executing his vision of football. Manchester United hadn’t won the league since 2013 and were also under a rebuilding phase playing European football. Arsenal and Liverpool haven’t been title contenders in many years which meant that it was only Tottenham who provided a threat to Chelsea’s title hopes with their late season surge which practically came about after they comprehensively demolished Chelsea at White Hart Lane.It’s very interesting how the same fans who criticise anyone who says anything negative about Chelsea are willing to pretend Chelsea was a Burnley level team just to defend Conte, a man who actively sought another job mid season.


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