According to scientific studies, these are the 10 most powerful superheroes of all time

Superheroes are fashionable. We admire their skills, the way they face adversity and are victorious, protecting humanity from the sinister intentions of the villains, many times, even at the cost of their own lives. This, of course, has opened many debates as interesting as curious; especially at the  University of Leicester , where some students relied on scientific principles to test the viability of the powers behind the most famous superheroes in comics and film, and conduct this study .

Bigbuzzpanda has compiled this list of the ten most powerful superheroes; their strengths and weaknesses, and their best equipment. You choose your favorite!

1. Flash

Also known as ” The Flash ” appeared for the first time in  Flash Comics # 1  in January 1940, published by DC Comics . Although he has been embodied by several identities, all versions of Flash have super speed. This also involves a high ability to move and think extremely fast, at the speed of light. His resistance is superhuman and allows him to travel abysmal distances.

  • Strengths: He is capable of traversing solid matter, his reflexes are superhuman and can even defy the laws of physics, because it exceeds the dimensions of space and time.
  • Weaknesses: the personality of the first Flash was characterized by being quite distracted, which caused many problems. He can not fly, so all his battles must be terrestrial; He can not do much in places of ice or without gravity, because he needs friction.
  • Equipment: in his civil identity, he carries a special ring in which he stores the compressed suit.

2. Black Lightning

According to scientific studies, these are the 10 most powerful superheroes of all time

The first time that Black Lightning, or Black Bolt , appeared was in a Marvel comic, The Fantastic 4 # 45 , in 1965. This superhero is an inhuman (an isolated race of genetically altered super humans) with extraordinary powers. In fact, his limits are not known. However, the center of his power is his voice. If Black Lightning says a word, or even emits a sound, it would cause a highly destructive shock wave, which could end planetary life. Because of this, he has trained a lot to control his vocal cords, even when he sleeps.


  • Strengths: super strength, resistance, durability, superhuman senses and reflexes. In the center of his brain he produces an unknown particle that causes an uncontrollable alteration that produces his “sonic scream”. It can fly at speeds of up to 500 kilometers per hour, manipulate energy and electrons. He is capable of resisting physical and telepathic attacks.
  • Weaknesses: his powers depend, in large part, on the antenna he carries on his forehead, so if it is destroyed, his powers too. He does not always control his emotions. He can also be affected by his own voice.
  • Equipment: apart from the suit that allows you to concentrate all your powers, Black Beam carries an antenna on your forehead that helps you stay in tune with the electrons.

3. Iron Man

The famous millionaire Tony Stark made an appearance as Iron Man in  Tales of Suspense # 39 , in 1963, and had his first comic in individual in 1968, published by Marvel. His suit is, practically, his superpower, because with this he manages to do whatever he pleases. However, his super-intelligence is largely responsible for giving life to his technology.

  • Strengths: superior intelligence, armor with resistance capabilities, speed, super strength and satellite control. In addition, he has added ” extremis “, a substance that adds other superhuman powers, to his armor.
  • Weaknesses: if Tony Stark removes the reactor from his chest, he weakens noticeably, endangering his life.
  • Equipment: maybe he’s the best-equipped superhero of all Marvel. His armor is a mechanical exoskeleton that practically “sticks” to Tony’s flesh and allows him to be a single cohesive unit of action and reaction. The armor can be adapted according to the fight or mission conditions.

4. Thor

Thor is the Asgardian prince-warrior, son of the god Odin , and his first appearance as a Marvel comic was in 1962. His life is millenary (he maintains a diet of Iddun golden apples to extend his mortality) and his power resides in the strength of his hammer, for He is the Norse god of thunder. This gives the power to invoke the elements of the storm (in all its variants).

  • Strengths: He is very resistant to physical injuries, almost invulnerable. As he is not a human, he has divine faculties, such as traveling through time, crossing portals, superhuman speed, immunity to diseases, can regenerate the wounds of his body and control the climate.
  • Weaknesses: if you release your hammer for more than 60 seconds, you can lose your god status and become a simple human.
  • Equipment: Thor owns the Mjolnir hammer , the sword, the ax and the mace. He also wears a belt that doubles his strength and endurance.

5. Captain Marvel

According to scientific studies, these are the 10 most powerful superheroes of all time

Better known as Carol Danvers , she is the most powerful superheroine in the Marvel world. Her comic, Ms. Marvel # 1 , was published in 1977. She was originally human, but her powers were acquired after her DNA merged with that of  Mar-Vell , her superhero colleague of kree origin , during an explosion. Among them are super strength and resistance; but, above all, it has the power to absorb energy and convert it into thermal power. She is versatile and invulnerable, can withstand any attack of weapons. She is even capable of folding magnetic fields. And, if that were not enough, you can alter reality at your whim.

  • Strengths: super strength, speed, self-healing, resistance, flight, teleportation, control over stellar energies, ability to live in space vacuum and invulnerability.
  • Weaknesses: interestingly, their very powers are their weakness. At the time of the explosion he not only inherited the kree qualities, but also his disadvantages. Among them, faithful obedience to the so-called Supreme Intelligence , a living computer that dominates the Kree.
  • Equipment: your only equipment is your suit, which allows you to make use of your super powers without restrictions.

6. Hulk

According to scientific studies, these are the 10 most powerful superheroes of all time

The Incredible Hulk # 1 comic book was published in 1962. His real identity is Dr. Robert Bruce Banner, who suffered an accident after he detonated a gamma-ray bomb in his laboratory. Apparently, nothing had happened to him, but that same night he transformed into “The Hulk,” a humanoid of monstrous proportions, gray and giant-looking. However, this also gave him unlimited physical strength, durability, endurance, and self-regeneration.

  • Strengths: The power of the Hulk lies in stress or anger. The more you expose yourself to a dangerous situation, the stronger he becomes. He can resist any kind of attacks, even psychic ones. It adapts easily to hostile environments. It has an almost immortal quality, because your body can regenerate extremely fast, giving you a prolonged life.
  • Weaknesses: the greatest weakness is when he is in the entity of Dr. Banner, because if he is attacked and can not transform into a Hulk, he could die instantly.
  • Equipment: He has nothing more than his supreme physical power.

7. Shazam

According to scientific studies, these are the 10 most powerful superheroes of all time

Shazam was published in 1949 by Fawcett Comics but the rights of the character were purchased in 1972 by DC Comics. The  alter ego of Shazam is a boy named Billy Batson, an orphan who gave a powerful magician extraordinary abilities and gave him the shelter of the Rock of Eternity (a magical place between space and time). Every time Billy says “Shazam!”, He becomes the powerful hero. In fact, his name is an acrostic that refers to six wise and virtuous men: S of Solomon, H of Hercules, A of Atlas, Z of Zeus, A of Achilles and M of Mercury.

  • Strengths: possesses the best qualities of the wise, as well as clairvoyance, superhuman knowledge, hypnosis, being omnilingual, eternal youth, super strength, controlled basic needs, ability to travel through time, resistance, perform spells and magical powers, throw rays, heal fast and immortality.
  • Weaknesses: it would be difficult to think of a weakness for a hero like that, but his Achilles heel is right in his  alter ego Billy, who is usually immature and irresponsible and commits many arbitrariness abusing his double identity.
  • Equipment: the so-called Rock of Eternity is part of HIM and vice versa. He also has a “magic mantle” from which he obtains his powers. He usually uses a device that allows him to see past, present and future; and, in the same way, he uses a Shazamium bracelet that contains his powers and, if he stops using it for 24 hours, dies.

8. Batman

According to scientific studies, these are the 10 most powerful superheroes of all time

The so-called “Knight of the Night”, Batman , appeared for the first time in 1939, in the magazine Detective Comics , published by DC Comics. His secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a millionaire tycoon with the ability to create as many technological and scientific artifacts as he wants. Although he has no superpowers, his keen sense and his developed detective intelligence have made him the most feared vigilante for the criminals of Gotham City.

  • Strengths: superintelligence, dexterity, agility, reflexes, martial training and ability to solve problems; Also, of course, to be a millionaire.
  • Weaknesses: without their technological tools, they can only fight hand-to-hand against their enemies, who turn out to be highly dangerous criminals.
  • Equipment: Batman is one of the best equipped superheroes of all. his technological tools range from a control tower (Batcave), automobiles, a multipurpose belt, jet, boats, helicopters, armor, and a long etcetera.

9. Dr. Strange

According to scientific studies, these are the 10 most powerful superheroes of all time

His ordinary identity is Stephen Vincent Strange, but he is better known as Dr. Strange thanks to the Marvel comic published in 1963. Basically, his best ability is to be a supreme sorcerer, which makes him a highly powerful identity in all possible realities . his main weapon are the spells and mystical spells.

  • Strengths: teleportation, levitation, generation and projection of illusions, ability to perform astral travel, demonic energy downloads, and invocation of dark forces; In addition, he has knowledge of martial arts, medicine and mental control.
  • Weaknesses: his main weakness is that he is a human, therefore, although his body possesses powerful magic, hE is mortal and if deprived of his powers, he can die.
  • Equipment: possesses four objects that grant more magical powers, which are the eye of Agamotto, orga of Agamotto, the layer of levitation and the book of the Vishanti.

10. Superman

According to scientific studies, these are the 10 most powerful superheroes of all time

Under the identity of Clark Kent, an unnoticed reporter, Superman was born , the most popular and well-known hero in the world. The publication of his comic was in 1938, by Action Comics # 1. He is an alien with Kryptonian heritage who came to Earth when he was just a baby and, therefore, possesses extraordinary powers. He is capable of holding entire planets and causing cosmic destructions if it is proposed.

  • Strengths: X-ray vision, super strength, super speed at the level of light, superoid, icy breath, heat vision, telescopic, infrared microscopic and magnetic spectrum, accelerated healing, longevity, force fields, infinite flight and almost full invulnerability.
  • Weaknesses: he is easily vulnerable to kryptonite, an organic waste of his own planet, and to magic (Shazam has managed to defeat him).
  • Equipment: He is said that your body is made of steel, that is, he does not need any armor because he is immune to any type of physical attack.

These results issued by the students of the University of Leicester are based on simple calculations such as, for example, the law of conservation of energy, which places Superman above all superheroes, because it could easily withstand an outflow of stored solar energy, 7.07 × 10.5 Joules per second for its attack “Super Flare”. Also, in theory, the “Man of Steel” could have a muscle tissue of higher density than the average human, which could give it the title of the most powerful superhero of all.

Do you have your own opinion about who are the best and worst superheroes? We want to meet you in the comments!